Cinnamon Ground
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Cinnamon Ground (Powder)

We powder the Cinnamon only on receipt of your order. This way you receive a fresh powder within days of harvest.Our Cinnamon will be packed in a airtight bottle which will keep well for over six months.Store the bottled powder in a cool, dark place.You can also grind your own Cinnamon with our cinnamon quills using a spice or coffee grinder.For best flavor use whole cinnamon quills.(Sticks)


Identify the difference of True Cinnamon from Cassia the poor man's Cinnamon.


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True Cinnamon Powder  

Cinnamon powder is a classic American apple pie & cinnamon roll ingredient.

Ceylon Cinnamon is especially suited for baking because it's flavor is strong but has a sweet taste which is less bite.

Cinnamon spice is often added to baked goods, stewed fruits, applesauce, and is a common ingredient in many spice mixtures for pudding, pastry spice, mulling spices, and even toast.Try adding cinnamon to marinades, mulled wine, soups, meats, pasta, breads, pastries, and even vegetables as is often done in Europe and Canada.

Mexico's famous Mole sauce contains cinnamon and it is a favorite topping for hot chocolate there.

Cinnamon is a common ingredient in Indian cooking, included in curry powders and the Garam Masala spice mixture.

Try adding cinnamon to the elegant flavor lamb.



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